Skin Catering :: Skin Care Awareness :: Custom Spa Treatments

Working with Leanne and Kim from SkinCatering was a blast! Then you add our model for the shoot, Meghan from chikmedia, into the mix and the shoot was a great blend of fun, silliness, and rockin' professionals!

SkinCatering is a unique and fun brand (just like its creator), and for someone looking for great easy products that are good on the go yet handmade and natural. SkinCatering offers spa services to relax and pamper as well as products to take home. This is a company that focuses on real beauty. Leanne might have tackled me if I had tried to retouch out one of Meghan's scars (beautiful evidence that she is a survivor) and I love that! (And, for the record, I also did not want to edit the photo in anyway that would have changed how beautiful Meghan naturally is, though I did smooth some pesky goosebumps and catch some fly away hairs!)

Below are a few of the images we created together to highlight this great company, hopefully they do each of these ladies justice!